Bearded Dragon Skin Diseases & What You Should be Aware of Them


Taking care of animals is not always as easy as how it seems. Feeding them every day and providing place to sleep are not enough. Even animals can catch diseases. If you don’t take a notice of them soon enough, you are to blame if something unexpected happens to your pets.

You are their owners after all. The responsibility of their health falls on you. There are several bearded dragon skin conditions though. However, we would like to pay more attention to the one called yellow skin disease in this opportunity. Let’s see what this disease is.

Bearded dragon skin diseases include yellow skin disease caused by fungus called CANV. It causes skin discoloration at first, but can even lead to death too.
skin rash fungus infection in bearded dragon

Yellow Skin Disease Affecting Bearded Dragons

This is one of skin diseases that are known to affect bearded dragons. This disease is caused by fungal pathogen called Chrysosporium Anamorph of Nanniziopsis vriessi. This fungus works aggressively to invade the superficial and deep layers of the skin. Thus, you get skin discoloration.

It is actually necrotic lesions that reveal sensitive ulcerated tissues. Then, it spreads subcutaneous swelling and inflammation that are painful. You can take the skin discoloration as the clue to yellow skin disease on lizard and the need of treatment.

That symptom would be the case if this disease still lightly affects your pet. However, once it becomes severe, you will find that the fungus can extend all the way to body cavities and internal organs. That way, it can cause marked pathology and eventually the death itself. You will also find dry, crusty, hyperkeratotic lesions as well.

After several weeks or months, the lesions become necrotic and exudative. That is why lizard yellow skin disease can make the skin start to die. It might even release infectious discharge. So, get your lizard treated right away once you see the symptoms.