How to Start Walking After a Broken Ankle to Avoid Re-Injuring Yourself


When you got an accident, you know you should seek doctor if you feel there is something wrong with your ankle. You might never realize that you got broken ankle from that. If you are examined and the doctor finds you do have broken ankle, it will take proper treatment and time before you can get back to your usual activities.

Furthermore, it is not like you can just walk like usual during the recovery. Let us tell you how to start walking after a broken ankle without re-injuring yourself then.

How to start walking after a broken ankle should be done by supporting and compressing your ankle with ankle brace to promote mobility.
walking after a broken ankle

Proper Way to Walk During the Recovery Time

At the very least, it should take you up to 6 weeks to recover from broken ankle. About 2 to 3 weeks, you might feel the pain lessen indeed. However, don’t take it as a clue that you can finally walk, let alone run like you used to be. If you are not careful enough, it would not be that surprising if you end up re-injuring yourself by simply walking around.

There is a proper way of how you walk after broken ankle. You are not allowed to rush things here. After all, we need the time to fully recover.

First of all, you need to ask your doctor when you can walk. Once you are allowed to walk, we don’t suggest you to walk as carefree as usual. We find it important to support your ankle at such time.

So, look for ankle brace with adjustable support as well as comfortable and breathable material. This ankle brace works great to greatly reduce the pain, thus strengthening your ankle and improving its mobility. Walking after getting broken ankle should feel more comfortable that way. Not to mention, it helps get you back on your feet quickly as well.